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How ASM+ Works:

ASimpleModel uses video-driven instruction with financial templates and notes available for download to teach financial modeling in a simple and effective way. We start with an introduction to financial statements in the context of a financial model, and then proceed to an integrated model with a five-year projection, a discounted cash flow model and leveraged buyout model.

If you’re reading this you already know, this website is way nerdy.

Step-by-Step Instruction

Video-driven instruction breaks the material down into simple steps with visuals that are easy to follow. The learning process starts with financial statements and basic models that permit viewing the entire process on the same screen. With this visual in mind, scaling to larger models is easier.

Keep it Simple

We teach the vocabulary required without using it to confuse students. In most real-world scenarios, the math and relationships in a financial model are simple. As they should be.

Quizzing Platform

Retrieving knowledge from memory is essential to the learning process. ASM highlights areas of weakness with quizzes that encourage you to revisit the appropriate material. Repeating this process accelerates the learning curve.
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